Through years of experience in the molten metals industry, Advanced Ceramics & Crucible understands the constant demand for cost reduction & quality improvement. Through engineering design, material selection and product training, we have effectivley reduced operating costs in the following applications.

  • Crucible melting furnaces
  •  Induction furnace linings
  •  Pouring nozzles & stoppers
  • Metal treatment (degassing)

Our knowledgable employees and sales agents have worked in many foundry applications from, Die Casting, Investment casting, Sand & Permanent Mold, Low Pressure Die Casting, Continous casting, Atomizing and many other processes.


"Wear Parts"

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible has effectivley reduced operating cost's due to reduction in maintenance cost & Down Time. Increased performance & reliabilty in the following applications.

  • Power Generation: Ash handling, ID Fans, Pipe linings, Feed chutes, nozzles (dry and slurry), Boiler refractories, Cyclone seperation units, eductors
  • Mining: Grinding/Milling/sizing, Excuvation, Kiln refractory, eductors 
  • Foundry: mixer blades, thermal sand reclaimer nozzles, stricker bars, eductors

In many cases where wear parts have been costly and un-reliable, Advanced Ceramics & Crucible and it's network of precision ceramics suppliers have engineered and designed systems to reduce cost and increase reliabilty.



Advanced Ceramics & Crucible

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