Silicon Carbide Crucibles

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible are the North American Distributor of  "Phoenix" crucibles. Nippon Crucible Company the first manufacturer of graphite crucibles in Japan, was established in 1885 and has obtained a high reputation over the years in Japan and world wide. www.rutsubo.com 

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible has over 28 years of experience in foundry applications. " We have found the Phoenix crucible to be the fastest melting, longest lasting and most consistant crucible available". Nippon Crucible Company continues to improve quality, efficiency and service. Many US customers have experienced reduced crucible and energy cost as a result of our superior quality and technical support.

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Capital Refractories Limited

Capital Refractories is one of the largest independent refractory companies in the UK. Capital Refractories has been manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality refractory products to metal melters for almost 50 years. Today, Capital Refractories' services to the metallurgical and thermal process industries operate on a global scale, with clients in over 40 countries worldwide.

Induction furnace linings

Capital Refractories specialises in supplying refractory linings and associated products to metal melting, foundry and cement industries around the world. Capital Refractories manufactures a wide range of dry vibration rammable products for lining coreless induction furnaces, vacuum coreless induction furnaces and channel induction furnaces for the melting of steel and high temperature alloys, iron, copper, bronze, aluminium and masteralloys. These dry vibration induction furnace linings include refractories based on alumina-magnesia spinel-forming systems, fused and dead-burnt magnesia-based systems, alumina and alumino-silicate-based formulations. The dry vibration induction furnace rammables are supplemented by a wide range of topping, ramming and patching refractories and other refractory products.

Refractory castables

Capital Refractories also has an extensive range of castables, which can be supplied pre-cast and fired, for the metal melting, cement and other heat-processing industries. The castables range include dense, insulating and gunnable medium cement castables, low cement castables and free-flow (self-flow) castables. Capital Refractories also has a comprehensive range of non-wetting, aluminophobic and insulation castables specifically designed for primary and secondary melting of aluminium.


Capital Refractories, from its state of the art factory in the Czech Republic, produces a wide range of specialist shaped ceramics including iso-pressed crucibles and vibro-cast crucibles in alumina, chrome-alumina, magnesia, mullite, zircon and zirconia. Capital Refractories also produces slip-cast one-shot liners based on silica or alumina for investment foundries. The product range is further supplemented by a range of specialist shapes for a range of applcations such slide gate inserts, ceramic core setters.

Gas diffusers and bottom pour ladle systems

Capital Refractories provides a range of products to improve cast quality such as the Unibore/Multicast stopper and nozzle bottom pour system for ladles and auto pour which improves metal flow and quality as well as offering a quick change nozzle for improved cleanliness or to easily change nozzle diameters. Another product to improve metal quality is Capital Refractories' gas-permeable diffuser (also known as a porous or purge plug) which can significantly improve the quality of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal in melting furnaces and ladles.

Coreless Induction Furnaces: Steel & High Temperature Alloys

Capital Refractories offer a full range of coreless induction furnace lining, topping and patching products for a wide range of steels and high temperature alloys.


High grade fine hydraulic cements

Mica in sheet or roll form

Hydraulically bonded multi-purpose castable.


Product Name
Product Description


Max service
temperature °C

Hot face dry rammed lining

Coral 85

High performance lining designed for large furnaces operating at high temperatures.

1700* 1750

Coral XL

General purpose lining with a wide melting temperature range.

1700* 1750

Coral CXL

General purpose lining with a wide melting temperature range.

1700* 1730

Coral SXL

High duty lining developed to withstand elevated temperatures and retain a good level of powder at the back face.

1700* 1750

Coral SMC

Incorporates complex chromes for improved slag resistance.

1700* 1750

Coral V40

Magnesia-rich lining designed for vacuum melting.

1750* 1800

Cormag 90

Basic ramming mix for use in continuous melting applications.


Topping and spout material


Silicate bonded high alumina hard wearing rammable.


Capram 70

Phosphate bonded high alumina plastic topping and repair mix



Silicate bonded alumino-silicate rammable.


Coral V40 DT

Dry topping for Coral V40.



Coil Screed

Silkote 90

Hydraulically bonded, high alumina induction furnace coil screed.



Hydraulically bonded, high alumina induction furnace coil screed.


Repair materials

D10 Plaster

Alumino-silicate patching plaster.



A finer version of D10 Plaster.



High grade high alumina patching material.


Capram 90F

High grade high alumina patching and topping material.



Castable material for lids, bases and blocks

Silcast 1600 CM

Alumino-silicate multi-purpose castable.




United Erie

Foundry Products


Furan no-bake (air-set) binders and catalysts

Phenolic Urethane (air-set) no-bake binder systems and acceleratorsPhenolic Urethane Cold Box binder systems

Ester Cured Alkaline Phenolic no-bake binder systems

Gas Cured Alkaline Phenolic binder systems

Polyol Urethane  non-ferrous (air-set) no-bake binder systems

0% VOC Polyol Urethane non-ferrous (air-set) no-bake binder system

Sodium Silicate (air-set) no-bake binder systems and catalysts

Sodium Silicate CO2 gassed-activated core/mold binders

Alkyd Urethane no-bake (air-set) binder systems

Epoxy Acrylic (SO2) Cold Box binder system

Core oils, oven-cured binder for core production


Greensand Mold Release

No Bake Silver Release

Solvent Based Silicon Release

Water Based Silicon Release

Misc. Foundry Products

 Top Bond sand surface hardener and sealers

Refractory coating carrier to formulate your own core/mold wash

IPA 99%/Isopropyl Alcohol for mold/core washes




Molten Metal Filtration

  • Zirconia
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Alumina
  • Extruded Honeycomb
  • Strainer Cores

Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (USA) is a full sales and service subsidiary of Filtec Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Filtec Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and
marketing consumable ceramic and refractory products for foundry
industry, metallurgical industry, etc.

As an ISO-9001 certified enterprise, Filtec focus on providing ceramic
consumables in consistent quality and continuous technical
improvement. Nowadays, with worldwide sales network, our products
have been exported to more than 30 countries with good performance.

Basing on 20 years experience in ceramic consumables manufacturing
and international business, Filtec has been always dedicating to the
customers with qualified products and professional service.



La France Manufacturing 

Die Cast Lubricants & Coating

  • Dry Plunger Lubricant
  • Die Release Lubricants
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Anti-Solder Paste

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